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AdmPwd.E is like a padlock on your company door.
Keeping company data safe is simple with us.

Does your company have simple matrix for creating passwords? Can former employees spread this information to others outside your company? If so, all your company data are in jeopardy. Imagine it as locking your house with rusted padlock. You’ve got to start engaging more with what might be, not just with what is.

The „Admin Password Manager for Enterprise“ (AdmPwd.E) was developed by the creator of the open source AdmPwd Solution. Eventually, AdmPwd became LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution) and Microsoft included it in its products portfolio. AdmPwd.E simplifies password management while helping customers implement recommended defenses against possible cyberattacks.

AdmPwd.E is based on the same concepts as AdmPwd, such as secure management of local account passwords of domain joined Windows machines, Group Policy integration, Group Policy management. Passwords are stored in Active Directory (AD) and encrypted, so only eligible users can read it or request its reset.

AdmPwd.E latest version implements additional features highly asked for by customers, including Password history management, Support for deleted computer objects, etc.